Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Magic

The snow is sort of magical.  The light fluffy drifting of flakes.  The sparkling crystals.  The quiet brightness of it all. I came home from my week out on the coast to a full day of non-stop snowing.  The city has been covered in a dazzling blanket ever since.  I have a much more positive attitude about snow anymore.  It used to really bring me down.  However, when I think about it that was probably because I had to drive through the snow which is always a terrible pain.  Now I just walk or jog my way through it and it is so much more enjoyable.  I also have come to really value these months of time to work around the home.  There are holiday gifts to make and the last of the tomatoes to can, epic Risk battles to wage, tie-dye inventory to stock up, and so much more.  I used to feel trapped, but now I feel happy about staying in with my slippers on and tackling the mending pile.  Winter encourages domestic bliss.  The fact that I am domestic at all is really magical.  Oh, how the seasons pass and we all grow and change.

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