Saturday, August 1, 2015

Camping with the Kiddos

I don't want to have children.  Fortunately, neither does Matt.  Thank heavens we matched up on that one.  There are lots of ways to live, many opportunities to choose from and I am grateful for it.  We're all so different.  While I enjoy teaching kids things--watching the connections being made in their little minds--I also desire the flexibility and independence that Matt and I enjoy in our child-free life together--not to mention the quiet.  I enjoy spending time with children very much though, babies especially.   I love babies.

They're sure not babies anymore, but Matt and I had a good time on our recent campout with my niece and nephew (and my mom, too).  We took the kids birding where they were eager to learn the names of the different birds we pointed out (Eli made me spell them out so he could write out a list) and watch them through the binoculars.  We gave them tips on the way to toast marshmallows without blackening them.  We talked about ants and anthills.  We explored energy together--zapping each other and making our hair stand on end--at the museum.  It was great.

We all camped at a place where I camped countless times as a little girl.  It was neat to make similar memories with the next generation of my family, particularly with my Washington boy, Eli, who seems to hold his Montana memories quite dearly to his heart.  Matt and I also, sans kiddos, enjoyed a visit to nearby hot spring spa, two birding excursions, and a night out to the theatre.  It was a great trip all around.  Just as summer should be.
Toasting marshmallows and enjoying the fire at dusk.
Swimming and playing at the dredge cuts.
Playing games at camp.
Taking a walk to the museum.
Playing at the museum.
Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs.


  1. it looks as though you had a fun time.
    now it is summer memories.
    thank you for your visit.

  2. what an excellent mix of activities! I love that last photo - reminds of my favorite hot springs place in West Virginia. I must get back there!

    1. We're going to a hot spring this weekend. Yay! I adore them.


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