Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Me-Made-May: Week Two Photo Round-Up

Below is my photo round-up for the second week of my Me-Made-May Dresses challenge.   This week I wore quite a few dresses which its turned out I've never really blogged about--the Hiking Dress, the Charcoal Dress, the Tie-Dyed T-Shirt Dress, the Blue Floral Slinky Dress, and the Yellow Dress.
May 8: I wore The Hiking Dress, a base layer of black leggings and long sleeves, and my newly beloved leopard print scarf.  We spent the day on a long dayhike toward Cache Lake in Yellowstone National Park.  We got less than 1/4 mile from the lake before the waist deep snow finally made us stop.  We had a fine time basking in a sunny meadow, drying off, and reading.  I did learn that The Hiking Dress is not idea for wet conditions.  Its made of a thick, durable cotton duck material.  The skirt was quite wet from the knee down.  Fortunately my gaiters kept my actual legs quite comfortable.  The Black Dress, while made of a less sturdy fabric, dries so much more quickly.  That was a good realization for any future outdoorsy dresses I make.  
May 9: Man, was I tuckered out from the twenty miles of hiking over the weekend.  I blame it on all the miles we tramped (or more accurately, post holed) our way through the snow.  Whew!  I was whipped!  As such, I spent the day being lazy in The Charcoal Dress, a double knit number that I quite, quite like, with a paisley scarf and my standard black base layer.    I even, gasp, drove to work instead of walking or cycling.  That is how I can tell I am bushed.
May 10: With my legs feeling pretty much back to normal I wore The Thanksgiving Dress as I cycled (through the wind and rain) to and from work.   Matt and I spent the night tidying the house and then, following a change of clothes on my part, worked on a bunch of tie-dye in preparation for our upcoming vending season.
May 11: My friend, Kelly, has a birthday the day before mine.  We usually try to do something together to celebrate.  This year I attended our double birthday dinner party in the Yellow Floral dress.  This one is probably my favorite dress of all.  It just fits great and is so bright and lively.  Its made from a bedsheet I bought at the Salvation Army thrift store when I still lived at home.  I should make some more bedsheet dresses.
May 12: I wore the Slinky Blue Floral Dress while I worked, came home to hurriedly mow the lawn, and then get packed for my birthday weekend excursion to Yellowstone.  It was a very nice, lightweight dress to mow the lawn it, I must say.   I was disappointed to find a run in the slinky fabric already.  Its so pretty, but this dress may prove to drive me over the edge.  Memo to Beth:  Choose your fabric wisely.
May 13: Technically I failed to snap a photo of my outfit on Friday.  I do have this one of my lower half though so....  After getting off work we headed for the mountains and camped at a forest service campground north of the park.  I was wearing the Tie-dyed T-Shirt Dress.  The dye pattern didn't turn out quite like I'd hoped since the material is a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, but is sure is a comfy dress.  In fact, I wore it all weekend long.
May 14: As just mentioned, I wore my Tie-Dyed T-Shirt Dress on Saturday, too, as we spend the day cycling and hiking in Yellowstone.  We'd never had our bicycles in the park before.  It was incredible.  Both days it was paired with my black base layer and a blue-black-grey scarf.  Again, I technically failed to snap a photo of my outfit so here is one with my upper half.  Put the two days together and I'm all set!  :)

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