Monday, September 17, 2012

Talkin' Softball

I played softball for the first time in roughly a decade last Friday.  I was sort of nervous that I'd be terrible as I am so out of practice, but I wasn't so nervous I was going to let it stop me.  I used to just love to play softball.  I played on a team every summer of my youth.  It was always so much fun.  So when it was announced that we were having a faculty/staff vs. students softball match I was eager to sign up.  Turns out I was nervous for nothing.  It was just like riding a bicycle.  It all came right back.  I guess even a decade off can't untrain that kind of muscle memory. 

I got up to bat four times and made a nice hit three of the four.  I also made it on base three of the four at-bats.  I never considered batting my strong suit--I was much better at defense--so I was supremely pleased with my record for the day. 

I also caught a foul pop up at home plate (I've always played catcher) and so made an out for my team.  That was always my favorite part of softball.  I got a rush out of jumping up, flipping off my mask, and catching the ball as it came back down from directly overhead.  It was always super exciting. 

I even tried to charge home plate in a moment of excitement at the urging of my 3rd base coach.  That may not have been the most brilliant moment as the catcher for the other team was a large football player who probably had 100 pounds on me.  I sort of bounced off of him, sending myself and dirt flying everywhere.  I didn't even get the run.  I did get a large scrape on my knee and a surprisingly deep cut on my hand.  I should have slid.  I would have ended up dirty and battered still and maybe I could have scored.  Oh well.  When I was playing a decade ago I knocked down my fair share of girls (smaller than me) running to home plate.  Its only fair that what goes around comes around.  That football player felt SO bad.  I mean, think about it, he totally bowled over the librarian!  (Even if it was my fault, which I am willing to accept that it was.)  I hugged him after picking myself up from the dirt to show there were no hard feelings.

So, that glowing review now said I will also add that I am so incredibly, ridiculously, unbelievably sore from the waist down that it is just unreal.  Unreal.  My legs feel wooden and barely under my control.  The only time they don't feel wooden is when I try to bend them.  Then they feel like fire....or like someone is stabbing me mid-thigh.  I have to pick them up with my hands to cross my legs or get in the car because I can't bear to lift them.

I guess doing several hundred squats in one day (as you do when playing catcher) was a bit more than I am used to.  And I thought my legs were in pretty good shape with all the walking and cycling I do!

It was still totally worth it to have that much fun with my colleagues and our students.   It was so enjoyable that I was just about bursting.

Oh, and the students whipped us.  I think it was 8-1.


  1. This was hilarious. I just found this funny. I think it is funny you smashed into a student and he apologized. A decade makes a difference. Let this be a lesson to stay in shape. You sound happy, so that was a good day. To me, catcher seemed the hardes position because of all the squatting. I am still chuckling.

  2. There was an AWFUL lot of squatting! Its now four days later and I am just starting to feel not so sore.

    It was SO much fun. I was just smiles and laughing...and bruises and dirt.


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