Monday, April 11, 2016

Transplanting Onions With Ginger

We transplanted onions out to the garden yesterday.  We're growing onions from seed and from sets.  Sets are sure simple so, why not?!  However, starting from seeds allow us to select varieties that are better for keeping in storage.  After I was done with the transplanting I took a little stroll around the garden admiring all the signs of new life.  Spring.  Ah, spring.
Onion seedlings.
Wee spinach plants.
Bok Choy
Onion sets sprouting.
Ginger is happy we're spending so much time outside again.  She'd love it if we could all just move into the backyard forever.  But, she can't convince us, no matter how she tries.
Meanwhile, the peppers under the lights in the seedling nursery have me awfully excited, too.  We've been out of sweet peppers for a month now and those seedlings look so happy.  I am very excited.
Pepper seedlings.
Pepper plant.
Red cabbage.


  1. Superb! You guys do gret gardening! Very proud of your labors!

    Mamma s.

  2. Replies
    1. Right?! We were nervous at how early is came up--just waiting for a snow or something to destroy them, but *touch wood* so far, so good. It will likely be an early garlic harvest this year.


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