Thursday, April 12, 2012


Geodes are cool.  We have several placed around our house because Matt and I both enjoy them, and rocks in general, so much.  I love the contrast of the dazzling, sparkly interior crystals against the rough, and rather plain exterior.   Uncracked they are pretty unremarkable.  I'd probably walk right by one if I wasn't looking for it.  Like many things they teach the important lesson that we shouldn't judge based on surface appearance never know what glory might be hidden inside!  That is good to keep in mind I think for rocks and people, amongst other things.  : )

Matt and I actually got to crack these particular geodes open.  It is a little bit like opening Christmas presents.  You don't know just what you'll find inside until you open it.  It was super exciting.  We bought the uncracked geodes at a gem shop in an old church building in a teeny-tiny town we stumbled upon during our megavacation last fall.  

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