Friday, December 13, 2013

Snowy Signs of Life

One of my favorite things about snow is the tracks left in it.  I can follow rabbit tracks and follow along to see where they go--the answer is:  all over tarnation.  I can see the wispy outlines of wings fluttered against the snowy ground as a mourning dove lands.  I can marvel at the long toes of the blue jays from the prints on the porch railing.  And I can smile at the fact that throughout the cold, snowy days there has been one spot cleared down to the grass in my yard and its directly under the feeder.  I watched a squirrel clear away the snow in search of sunflower seeds dropped  from above by those messy, messy birds.

I hope the snow lasts until Christmas.  I love a white Christmas.


  1. I enjoy taking photos in snow. We had our first snow last Sunday and the BF and I ventured out to Unity Village ( to take photos of him for his family for Christmas. Luckily all of the snow was untouched & we were completely alone, making for a beautiful backdrop!

    I enjoy a white Christmas too, and wouldn't mind having one this year since I'm off work 12/21-29. Now driving to work on the highways in wintry weather is another story, lol.

    1. A large expanse of untouched snow is one of the most beautiful sights. And a great photo backdrop.

      I don't really drive, hence I can be just overjoyed at all the snow. But, I sure keep hearing this from others. Driving in the snow and ice is no fun at all. How nice that you've got such a stretch of off-days coming up!

  2. We got a nice load of snow today. I too enjoy the tracks in the snow, apparently our dog Digby meanders around and around in circles everywhere he goes! And the two stray cats we feed have come onto the deck at least once today in search of food.
    And I am hoping that the snow lasts through Christmas day too.


    1. The snow is melting! Its looking less and less like a White Christmas. But, I hear it might snow again before the 24th-25th, so maybe, just maybe....

      And aren't the tracks infinitely interesting!?! I think its so neat.


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