Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Women (including me) Brewing Beer

I brewed my third batch of beer last week.

I realized that brewing was totally something I could do and since Matt is the primary gardener and tie-dye artist I figured it was a way I could lend him a hand over the busy summer months.
It seemed appropriate, too, given that I have read and heard more and more lately about the role of women brewers--both historically and to the present day. I've read a few articles about female brewers (here, here, and here, if you are interested in reading a few yourself).  While brewing is certainly a male-dominated industry/hobby today that dominance is a fairly recent cultural shift.  Beer brewing used to be just one of the many household and culinary tasks preformed by women.  So, I started brewing.  I like beer, period, plus I am pleased to join this long lineage of women making beer.

Of course, my first beer--a kolsch--was rather unpleasant.  Some bottles were passable.  Others would be so funky I didn't even want to drink it.  My second beer--a honey brown--was better.  Not as yummy as I'd like it to be, but a significant improvement over the preceding brew.  Fingers crossed on this third one--a tangerine pale ale.  The brewing process went really well and I am rather optimistic about the end result--though I am still a couple weeks out from sampling.
And, while I am on the topic of homemade boozy things--we recently polished off the last glass of 2015 apple wine.  Matt has seven gallons bubbling away for the 2016 batch.


  1. Years ago when we lived in Florida...we brewed beer...maybe twice...I'm definitely not a huge beer fan...I still wrinkle my nose at each sip...It was fun though...

    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. I still wrinkle my nose up at certain kinds of beer, but have figured out which styles I do enjoy--through trial and error. The brewing process is fun though--like elaborate cooking. I can see the both of us liking that bit.

  2. ...and in case anyone is curious: The Tangerine Pale Ale turned out very nice. So nice I had to call my brother-in-law (a gifted homebrewer) to proclaim that it actually tasted good! Not just okay, but GOOD! Hooray.


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