Thursday, August 16, 2012

Garden Freshness on a Plate

We picked our first ever homegrown eggplants.  They were great. Just great. We may have let them go a bit too long, as the skin was starting to get tough on the larger one, but its so hard to tell when to harvest sometimes!  Its hard to resist the idea that it might get a little bigger if you left it on the plant longer. 
In addition to the eggplants we harvested a number of peppers, banana and bell, as well as a few leaves of kale.  We breaded and fried the eggplants.  Combine the rest of the fresh picked produce with some onionpesto, pasta, and cheese and voila!  A garden fresh, Italian-esque meal that made both Matt and I repeat over and over again how scrumptious it was.  One of those meals where I want to just keep eating and eating because it tastes so darn good!  Fortunately I knew better than to let myself get carried away like that which is great because that means I have a fabulous lunch at work the next day!
I failed to take a photo after the breaded eggplant was added to the plate, but here is the rest.
Matt is just so happy that after years of trying I have finally fallen in love with pesto.  We're both just so happy to have successfully grown so many eggplants on the first try.

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