Saturday, February 11, 2017

Store-bought Potatoes and Garlic

It is The Last Of... Season once again.  This just heightens my awareness of how rapidly the year is progressing.  Barely more than a month now until the equinox!
Baby Potato Peanut Curry with homegrown potatoes, peppers, onion, and garlic.  October 2016
This year the Last Of started with garlic two weeks ago.  Then potatoes.  We're down to the last bag of onions, too.
We had such a great haul of garlic in 2015 that we didn't have to ever buy garlic last year, but we knew right away that the 2016 crop wasn't nearly as robust as 2015 had been.  *sigh*  We'll hope for better this year.
A blend of breakfast potatoes.  December 2017
The potatoes and onions--two of my all time favorite foods--never seem to last long enough.  Nevertheless, I am still perpetually pleased by the months of homegrown matter the final duration.
We've been enjoying our home grown onions and garlic since July and the potatoes since June.  That is still a whole lot of not-having-to-buy these everyday staple foods.
Grilled cheese with homegrown tomato soup.  January 2017
And we've been going to town, too, gobbling with heedless abandon--potatoes every day with breakfast, multiple onions in a single dish, gravy with a whole roasted head of garlic.  I am sure we could keep ourselves in veg for even longer if we were more moderate about our consumption.  Mmmmmmm.....but there is no way I'd hold back and show restraint on such simple delights.
We're still sitting on plenty of corn, peppers, tomatoes, apples, tomatillos, and carrots.  There's a dwindling number of squash, herbs, and other odds and ends.  We just bartered the last of our sunchokes for a humongous rutabaga from our friends, Scott and Kris.
Grilled homegrown onions, potatoes, and corn with tofu, rice, and mushrooms.  July 2016
It is just a touch bittersweet to see the end of my warm weather and root vegetable friends, but before we know it the fresh greens (and spring) will be upon us again... and so it goes.
Matt's magnificent breakfast bake with homegrown onions and potatoes.  January 2017.


  1. love this homage to food! It's a sad time of year to shop at the farmers' market for me.

    1. Part of the "joy" of seasonal eating has to be the mid-winter slump, right?! If only for the fact that the first spring greens and whatnot will make me do cartwheels. I'm over frozen spinach. Even if it was garden spinach. I am ready for spring eats!!

      (Also, I beg your pardon for ignoring you so long. Somehow I failed to notice I hadn't moderated any comments since last year!! I was startin' to wonder where my friends had all gone...only to discover it was me being a dummy.)

  2. Grilled cheese sand and tomato soup - a true American meal!

  3. so many good dishes there, your making me hungry. Homegrown onions and garlic have such a strong flavour compared to those from the supermarket.

    1. Yes! (and thanks!) Sometimes my meals don't turn out as planned simply because of the variation between homegrown and store-bought. Say, I make my own crushed red pepper flakes. And they are about a thousand times hotter than store-bought. We had some scorching dinners before I remembered to adjust all those recipe cards...


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