Friday, July 12, 2013

Widespread Panic

Matt and I made a whirlwind visit to Missoula for a Widespread Panic concert on Tuesday night.  We'd convinced ourselves not to go as it was on a weeknight, but in the end (with a little persuasion from Adam) we decided that if WSP was coming to Montana the least we could do was drive over and join in on the party.  We left at noon Tuesday and were pulling back into town just less than 24 hours later.  Whirlwind.  We were dragging a little bit yesterday as a result, but it was more than worth it.  It was an excellent evening of music and dancing--pounding bare feet against the cool, smooth grass with jubilant smiles all around.  Ain't Life Grand, Pusherman, and Blue Indian were notable song highlights for me.  We slept out under the big Montana sky and fell asleep watching shooting stars.
Ain't life grand, indeed!


  1. indeed! life is grand :) so glad I got to see you guys and go with you. oh and you were right that one tree was an apricot tree but its on the other side of the fence. although no one picks it because belongs to apt building so next year I am getting on that! the cherry juice I tried was awesome glad you picks cherries and did something with them! Can not wait for you to come for the River City Roots Festival! see your awesome faces then :)


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