Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Recipe Page Reboot 2020

I launched a new rendition of my recipes page today.  I'm calling it my Digital Recipe Box this time, in honor of its physical counterpart in the kitchen.

The other recipe list was, well, just that: a list.
I opted to make it more visual this go-round instead of just text-driven.
I also decided to change how it was organized.  No longer sorted by Mains versus Sides versus Sweets, the Digital Recipe Box is grouped by frequency of use.  This allowed me to showcase our household favorites at the top while still including seasonal recipes and even the trials and errors further down the page.
For the life of me I can quite perfect the formatting and some of the recipe posts themselves could stand a little TLC (seriously...I post some "bad pictures of good food" on here...), but I'm pleased with the updated look of the page.  It is more useful to me and hopefully will be to others as well.  I certainly find it more visually appeal, too.

Reworking the page has reinvigorated and excited my cooking imagination, as an added bonus.  It reminded me of a few recipes that have inexplicably fallen out of rotation and need a renaissance.  It makes me eager for our garden bounty and the season-specific menus we can create as a result.  Soon enough!  Matt has strapping little peppers and eggplants under lights in the seedling nursery.

So, all around, a very satisfying project.  Here's hoping it serves me well.