Places To Start A Simpler Life

It can be overwhelming to think about adding more to an already busy life.  It may sound good to bake your own bread, but where do you find the time?  Where does a person start when wanting to slow down, simplify, and reconnect with the rhythms of our earth and our ancestors?
Below are a few ideas that I think would be good places to start such explorations, based on my own personal experiences going down this path.  In the end, knitting or baking may not be for you, but you might find that you've got quite the knack for composting or cooking that you didn't know about before.  You might add one green cleaner to your repertoire.  One step after the other.  That is all it is.  Honest and truly.  Its not about making huge leaps.  Its about learning and growing one step at a time until suddenly its amazing how far you've come.  Its about finding the quiet, satisfying joys so often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of our overly "convenient" modern world.  It all starts with the first step.
Compost your vegetable scraps.

Make your own two ingredient chapstick.

Create a cat toy from a toilet paper tube.

Make vegetable broth from vegetable peels.

Host a clothes swap party.

Freeze homemade ice blocks for the cooler this summer.

Bake a no-knead quick bread, like cornbread or baking powder biscuits.

Make your own all-purpose, orange oil cleaning solution.

Bake an easy, no-knead yeast bread.

Go for a walk and enjoy the small wonders and fresh air.

Make your own hot sauce or crushed red pepper flakes.

Knit a simple dish cloth.

Try a natural apple cider vinegar hair rinse instead of conditioner.

Rip up some lawn and start a vegetable garden.

Make a healthier, cheaper alternative to Hershey's chocolate syrup.
There are so many places to start.  Forget feeling overwhelmed and just start somewhere.  Just start.  It all grows from there.


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