About Me

My name is Beth.  I am a homemaker, librarian, tree-hugger, artist-type.  I love dancing, reading, hiking, playing games of all sorts, national parks, sewing, making stuff from scratch, taking photos, gardening, cooking, birding, and, in general, appreciating the simple, humble joys, marvels, and pleasures of this fabulous universe.  I am married to an incredible "ball of fire," as my sister puts it, named Matt.  We share our house with two kitties--a playful, orange angel named Ginger and a goofy sweetheart named Johnny.
Photo credit to my sister Sarah's friend Boe.
For the record...
When I cook I try to use only organically and sustainably grown ingredients.   I feel these foods are safer for me to eat, for the farmers who grew it, as well as for the ecosystems and planet we share as a whole.

In some cases, like flour and garlic, I use Montana producers that are not certified organic, but who grow in a sustainable, chemical-free manner.  I like it local.

In general I avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as I don't trust them.  The potential impacts on our health and the health of our planet are too vast and unknown for my comfort.  But, I have been known to make an occasional exception.  Like at old fashioned style candy stores.  Or when my parents take me out to dinner.  It is very important to me, but I don't want to be a fascist about it.

When I say butter I mean organic Earth Balance Oraganic Buttery Spread.  When I say milk I mean non-dairy milk, typically almond or soy.  When I say cheese I mean non-dairy cheese like Matt's fantastic cashew cheese or Daiya shreds.  I apologize if this causes confusion.  It is just easier for me than spelling that all out each time and those are the words used at my home. 

When I use the term flour I typically mean half whole wheat flour and half white flour.   That is what I use for nearly all of my cooking and baking.  I used to only use whole wheat in everything.  But then I decided that life is too short to never eat white flour.  It is also too short to only eat white flour.  So, I go 50-50 most of the time.  I will be specific when I mean pastry, only white, or any other flour.

I am more-or-less a vegan.  I say more-or-less because I wear wool and leather and use honey and bee's wax.  I feel these products, properly produced, are better for the environment, as well as myself, than the vegan alternates.   I also have made a couple sentimental exceptions, like when my Grandma sent me homemade wheat rolls.

I strongly support small-scale agriculture, especially raising your own plants and animals for food. 

All the photos and art on the blog are mine unless otherwise noted.  You can use them, just be sure to give credit where credit is due.

I am not an expert on anything I write about.  I write based on my own experiences and research I've done on the matter.  I am very open to suggestions if they can improve my technique or increase my happiness or sustainability.  My methods and opinions are almost guaranteed to change as I continue to evolve as a person. 
Thanks for reading!  (updated: 1/30/2019)