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A recent issue of Runner's World had a cover article about barefoot running.  As I am getting into running in my Fivefingers I wanted to give it a look-see.  While flipping through the pages I also came across a short yoga routine in and thought to myself that I really should start practicing yoga again.  I really enjoy it so I am not sure why I go through bouts of "falling off the wagon" about it.  So, I copied the page and took it home.  After practicing it for two or three days in a row my muscles were sore from the effort.  It is so surprisingly effective.  Bend, stretch, and hold.  It hardly seemed like an intense work out.  But, it is!  Most importantly for me is that it is fun and fairly easy, requiring no special equipment or trainers or gyms.  I also am blown away by how much it is all around health improving.  It soothes my soul while soothing and strengthening my body as well.  I am not sure if it will help with the running or not, but it certainly can't hurt.


  1. Yoga is great all-around: for mind, body, and spirit! I find it's great for running in a lot of ways. It enhances the mind-body connection. It enhances awareness of breathing. Running tightens muscles and yoga loosens them. Many runners practice yoga at various times of day, but I was most impressed with the power of yoga for a runner when I tried hip openers immediately after a run. Instant relief from the stiffness and soreness that I otherwise would carry around for hours! Here are a couple of video links to the type of poses I now practice after EVERY run!

  2. Thank you so much for the yoga links, Vern! You were/are very right about hip openers AFTER the run. Though I love hip openers in general I hadn't ever done them right afterward!


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