A Simple Woman's Day Book for January 22, 2016

A Simple Woman's Day Book for January 22, 2016

Outside my window... there are so many bunnies.  Odd colored-half domestic ones.  Easily a dozen romping on the snow.  Earlier this year Oreo Bunny showed up.  He/She must have bred with the natives...and quite prolifically, as rabbits are want to do.  I'm surprised the owls and hawks and cats haven't gotten more of them since they lack the camouflage of the true cottontails.

I am thinking....about how awesome music is--how it enriches my life and makes me happy.  Its pretty incredible.

I am thankful for... my mama.  Its her birthday today.  She is always so supportive of everything I do and she is always teaching me things and helping me grow to this very day.

From the kitchen...comes the last bowl from this absurdly large pot of chili that Matt made Thursday of last week.  It was very, very tasty, but still...that was a whole lot of chili.  Gallons.

I am wearing... black leggings under a super comfy maroon dress and a brown vest with pockets (to make up for the one short coming of the otherwise great dress which lacks pockets).  I got all three at various clothes swaps.  

I am creating...patchwork from my scrap basket with the idea that I'd like to make one of "my" dresses out of the odds and ends I've accumulated over these years of sewing.  Its new territory for me.  I am winging it pretty good so far.

I am going...to get a cold.  I can feel it coming.  My throat is scratchy and sore.  I am trying to drown it in tea.

I am reading... a collection of short stories called Dear Husband by Joyce Carol Oates and the very first of the Newbery winners--The Story of Mankind by Hendrick Van Loon.  The latter I've been reading (slowly) since December.  Its a 500 page history book!  It was a daunting start to the Newbery challenge, but its been much more enjoyable than I expected.  I picked up the collection of short stories because Joyce Carol Oates is an author I've heard much about, but never read myself.  She might be a little too twisted for me....

On my mind... adulting.   Insurance, retirement, benefits, home improvement.  Whew.  Most of the time its all great, but every now and then I get a little overwhelmed thinking about it all.  I have a tendency towards being a worrier.    Sometimes I even worry in my dreams.

Around the house...the cats are getting along a lot better.  Johnny kept trying to rub noses with Ginger this morning and  while Ginger reciprocate she also didn't just flee to another room.  Progress.  They almost thought they could share the same plate for breakfast this morning, but at the last second Ginger decided she wasn't quite ready to be that intimate with her new kitty companion.

One of my favorite things...watching the sunrise while I walk to work.  Its even better somehow in the winter.  The colors more dazzling in a world that's turned so white, grey, and brown.  The miracle reappearance even more important in a world that's turned cold.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Bunco night with my library friends, a swimming birthday party with some other friends, football and pizza with the in-laws--and reading and resting and drinking tea.

A small window into my life...
I got a Spirograph for Christmas from Ryan and Bek.  I never had one growing up, but would get out theirs, from time to time, when I was over to visit.  Now I have my own.  I was pretty terrible at it at first, but have made some pretty nifty pattern in the last couple days.
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