Sewing for the Cats: A New Vintage Collar

I made Ginger a collar.

For some time I'd been thinking I should branch out in my sewing from the dress-making obsession.  So, I drafted a little list of non-dress projects to make.  One of them was sewing a cool collar for my Ginger kitty.
Using a store-bought collar as the inspiration I whipped one up in no time.  Ginger has been testing it out for me over the past couple weeks.  She approves and so I intend to make a few more.
In my Crazy Cat Lady mind I am having visions of a different collar for each month, seasonally themed.  How cool would it be to have a bright green one for St. Patty's Day or with tiny bats for Halloween?!  I think it sounds swell.  Of course, I don't think there is any reason to deny that I really AM a crazy cat lady.
I call the collar "new vintage," which I realize is a contradiction in terms, because the loops, clasp, etc. are new.  The fabric is quite vintage though.  I've had it for a long time, but it was such a small piece I never really knew what to do with it.  I used part of it in an insulated casserole carrier (another non-dress sewing project) and had just enough leftover for a collar, too.  So, the collar is part new, part old.  I like that.
I'll be making more just as soon as I get some more clasps, bells, and other assorted bits of collar hardware.

And lest I be accused of favoritism:  Johnny doesn't tolerate collars well so she's out of luck.  She does get to wear a kicky little tie-dye bandana though!


  1. That is adorable. As is the tie-dye bandana. Lucky kitties!

  2. I love the collar...Our outside (stray) cat 'Callie' still has her collar on...they never last long on her so I'd kinda hate to make one and have it lost in the woods...but I love the idea of having one for each holiday...

    ~Have a lovely day!

    ps...thanks for all your sympathy and sweet comments

  3. Very cute, and good job! I would love to put Henry in one of those white shirt collars with bow or necktie. He wouldn't want it, though. :(

    1. We recently were gifted a Yoda costume from a friend. I am bound and determined to try it on Johnny. Ginger would never tolerate it, but Johnny just might! (At least long enough for me to ooooh and ahhh at her cuteness and maybe snap a photo.)

  4. Thanks, friends!! (Also, I beg your pardon for ignoring you so long. Somehow I failed to notice I hadn't moderated any comments since last year!! I was startin' to wonder where my friends had all gone...only to discover it was me being a dummy.)


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