UberEasy (Belated) Christmas Cookies

Last year my blogfriend, Teresa from Affectionkint, posted about these no-bake cookies that her mom makes--Ritz crackers and peanut butter dipped in white chocolate.  They sounded too good to be true, really, and I thought:  "I should make those next year!"  

...and then I plumb forgot about it until I saw her post about them again this year.  Oopsy!   When I mentioned these intriguing no-bake treats to Matt he recalled that his mom used to make them in his youth.  I guess Sharon must have retired them from her Christmas Cookie Repertoire by the time I joined the family though since they were new to me.

As it happened, when I saw Teresa's recent post, we still had half of a (huge) bar of Matt's homemade white chocolate in the fridge from when we made white chocolate dipped pretzels for Christmas snacking.  We already had the peanut butter and sprinkles.  Matt picked up a mini-pack of Ritz at the discount grocer and we gave it a go!  Hooray for belated Christmas treats!

Below is the "recipe" as it were.  If you prefer actual measurements just google it.  There are a million of 'em.  It really requires no recipe though, if you ask me.
No-Bake Ritz Christmas Cookies

Ritz Crackers
White Chocolate
Peanut Butter
Sprinkles or crushed candy canes (optional)

-Take two Ritz crackers and put a thin later of peanut butter between them making a tiny little sandwich.  
--Dip this tiny cracker sandwich into a small bowl of melted white chocolate.
-Lay the dipped cracker sandwich on parchment paper or silicon baking sheets.
-Add sprinkles or candy cane pieces if desired.
-Allow to cool until the chocolate hardens.
-Try not to eat all of them in rapid succession.

They're so yummy!  Ohhhhh, that sweet-salty combo!  Mmmmmm!   I love it.

Better yet, they were absurdly easy to make!  Or maybe that's because I also tried making krumkake for the first time this Christmas and they were so annoying involved by comparison.

I think these new Christmas cookies taste along the same lines as a peanut butter cup, but with a little salty crunch as a bonus!  I'm sold.  I don't know if I'll try krumkake again--they were good, but as with most cookies that aren't drop cookies, I'm not convinced they were worth the hassle.  These Ritz cookies though--they were the opposite of that.  These are the sort of cookies I could recommend even to people who don't cook or bake.  

Better late than never.  Plus, I bet I'll remember them next holiday season now.


  1. Hi Beth,
    ...awwww...so glad you liked the cookies...I'm going to have to try your white chocolate too...
    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks for cluing me in! Better late than never!


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