Strawberry Dessert Squared

The dream of transforming our flood of strawberries into homemade strawberry pie with homemade strawberry ice cream was just as scrumptious (and beautiful) as we had hoped it would be.  We got to share them with Matt's family at a little BBQ get together on Saturday.
Our strawberry harvests are tapering off now.  The berries are getting smaller and less numerous as the days get warmer.  We have a gallon frozen already for later use though.  I foresee more strawberry ice cream in our future. Now that I know how easy that is...    
Die Erdbeerkuchen mit Erdbeereis ist zehr lekker!
(The strawberry pie with strawberry ice cream is very tasty!) 


  1. What a thing of beauty and such stunning colours to delight the eyes and belly.

    1. Thanks, Shaheen. I hope you're enjoying a colorful day!


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