Be Prepared....

...And if you're not prepared then at least be open to new, innovative ideas. 
Such as wearing plastic newspaper sleeves on your feet so they don't get soaked on the rainy walk home.
It worked!  Double bagged my toes only just started to get wet with just a couple blocks to go.  So, remember that next time you find yourself at work with only Birkenstocks to get you home in a downpour.  And recycle them when you are done!


  1. I have worn plastic bags over my feet innumerable times as a child. We don't get enough snow to warrant boots. My children were treated to the same type footwear, only I wore and they wore the bag over the shoe. You look sooo stylish...and dry!

    You wear socks with Birkenstocks? We do in the South, but online style mavens declare them tacky. We Southerners don't care what anyone thinks about Birks and socks! Yes, I wear socks with sandals and scandalize my daughter.

    1. Oh, I think its considered tacky up here, too. Matt and I have been given grief from some of our young hippie compatriots as well (but they run around in with no socks when there is snow, crazy people). Matt almost never (even in the heat summer) goes without socks in his sandals....which I find a bit crazy. I'd rather never wear socks and shoes, but I'm a rather chilly person. So, socks and Birkenstocks it is. Yes, I probably committed a major fashion foul by announcing it to the world with photos! : )


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