Apple Crisp

This post is long overdue.  Linda at Practical Parsimony asked about this recipe...oh, months ago probably.  Well, you know how time flies.... So here at long last it is. 

Apple crisp is one of my favorite desserts and certainly one of the most frequently served at my table.  Its easy.  That's one thing to love about it.  It is a sweet and satisfying dessert that always seems to please without being overly sweet and high in refined sugar.  Its also quite local which I really like.  We can the apples ourselves in the fall and the bulk oats are grown in Montana.  Since we use our canned apples rather then fresh it is also fairly quick to bake up and also pretty cheap since we get the apples for free.  I like finding ways to use lots of what I can produce/procure lots of.  Right now that is fairly limited amount of foods, but apples (apple sauce and canned apples) are something that we've supplied all our needs of for the last couple years and all for the price of a few canning supplies that will probably last a lifetime.  I like that a lot.  It also make me feel like making applesauce cake or crisp a little more often.  I mean, its practically free, right?  And it might be misguided, but I feel better knowing I am at least getting some fruit with my sugar fix. 

There are a few ways one can alter this recipe to their liking and ingredients on hand.  #1 Using canned apples vs. fresh apples, #2 Using some sort dry sweetener (raw cane  sugar, refined, etc.) vs. honey, #3 substituting different types of fruits for apples, depending on what is available.
Apple Crisp

6 - 10 apples, depending on size,cored and chopped (or 1 quart canned apples with syrup)
1 t cinnamon
1/4 C veg oil
1/2 C flour
1/4 - 1/2 C dry sweetener
1 C rolled oats

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.  Place the apples in a baking dish.  Sprinkle cinnamon on top.  Combine oil, flour, sweetener, and oats in a large bowl.  Sprinkle on top of apples and bake 40-45 minutes or until top is golden.

To use canned apples the recipe is the same it just takes less time to bake because the apples are already cooked, usually 25-30 minutes or so.

To use honey instead of sugar just replace the sugar with 1/3 C honey instead.  It will be a little more gooey since usually you'd subtract some liquid in exchanging the honey, but that isn't really do-able with this recipe aside from using less syrup if using canned apples.  In any event it still turns out yummy and gets very nicely golden because of the honey.


  1. THAT LOOKS HEAVENLY!!! I LOVE apple crisp with whole bean vanilla ice cream..... UUUUUUU (Homer moment). Now the sugar is something I have to watch closely but on a rare occasion I would definitely sneak a little bit.

    1. It IS great with ice cream. Warm with ice cream. MMmmmmmmm.....

  2. Beth,
    I don't think you are misguided in having apples for your sugar fix. I love apples. I make something called Apple Betty that uses flour instead of oats and is almost identical to this. Of course, oats are better for our bodies that refined flour. Plus, I love oats. Your recipe is much more healthful.

    I put my Apple Betty in a square brownie pan, but this seems like it might take a larger pan. What size pan do you use?

    Are you able to get apples that have not been sprayed? If so, do you use the peelings?

    I love apple peelings. Anytime my mother peeled apple for a fruit salad, I was ready, waiting for the peelings. One day, she threw them away before I claimed them. I cried. I was a So, until the day she died, if I were visiting, she would call me to get the peelings. I should have been in there helping her peel!

    Sometimes, I make the Apple Betty with the peel still on the apple. I cut the cored apple in chunks, so it is not too much peel to deal with.

    1. I think its a 9x13.

      Yes, the trees we use are unsprayed. In fact, we frequently must cut out sections that have been wormed (usually just the core area which is easy to cut out). We use these for applesauce mostly.

      When we can apples we do take the peel off. When we used fresh we leave it on. I don't know why exactly.

      That is a sweet story about your mother and peelings. : )


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