Me-Made-May 2024

Both of the "Pandemic Orchids" have been blooming for more than a month.  4/14/2024

It is May 1st which means it is time to kick off Me-Made-May.

Ginger was a big fan of the Greatful Dead bear curtains.  She can't resist being in the middle of whatever I am working on.  She's a smart girl and knows that's where the petting action will be.  1/23/2024

Here is my 2024 objective.  

“I, BLD in MT, pledge to wear one of My Dresses (aka the Simplicity 2174) at least three times a week throughout May 2024.”

My mom gave me an African Violet plant last year.  It is going nuts with blooms.  4/30/2024

I have made a lot of these dresses over the years.  They were my go-to for years and years.  It was basically my uniform.  I don't own all of them anymore.  Some were failures and some have been retired because they were such successes that I wore them out.  Some I just didn't like as well as I expected.  Even the ones that I still have in the closet don't see as much wear as they used to though.  Hence the 2024 pledge.  I'm going to see if I can get to the bottom of why that is...and if it matters or not!  I'll report back in June.

Ginger, once again, demonstrating that smack dab in the middle of the sewing party is her favorite place to be.  4/16/2024


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