The Thanksgiving Dress

I waited until almost the last minute to get the notion to make a new holiday dress.  This has happened to me before.  I just don't seem to plan ahead in this regard.  The idea to make something new for our Thanksgiving celebration entered my mind on Monday morning--three days before Thanksgiving.  I didn't have time to work on it before departing for my day at the library, but I did have long enough to pull out my trusty Simplicity 2174 pattern, snag some pretty brown fabric from the closet, some pins, and scissors.
With my traveling sewing kit I spent my lunch break cutting out the pattern pieces in the basement of the library.  I spent four hours the next morning sewing it together.  I once again managed to put the whole thing together without having to rip out any seams--and with almost two full days to spare.  I skipped the fusible interfacing around the neck and arms this go-round.  I just don't see how important it can be and would prefer to save myself the cost and synthetic materials.  Time will tell, I guess, if I am correct about the importance of this interfacing.
In the meantime, the Thanksgiving Dress joins its growing family in my closet:
*The First Dress 
*The Not for Christmas-Easter Dress 
*The Black Dress
*The Failed Blue Floral and Wool Dress (which has never made the blog on account of its failure status.  I tried the version of the pattern with sleeves and it just doesn't fit me right.  As such I never wear it and should just get rid of the darn thing, but keep thinking I can salvage it somehow...)  [Update from 1/8/2016:  I fixed it!
*The Easter Dress
*The Vintage Floral Bed Sheet Dress
*The Hiking Dress 
*The Tie-Dye Knit dress (which has also never made the blog because while comfy as all get out and perfectly serviceable, its not beautiful.  The knit being part natural and part synthetic didn't take the dye as well as I'd hoped.)
I'm so comfortable making this dress these days.  Trying that new pattern really tested me.  This one is like an old friend.  That is the only reason I can actually execute these last minute holiday fashion plans.


  1. The dress looks beautiful in you and I really like the way you describe the pattern as an old friend! That is the benefit of well loved patterns you can almost do them with your eyes shut :-)

  2. The perfect color for a Thanksgiving dress. It looks well on you. A new favorite!


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