Giving Thanks

I have been thinking about all of my friends and family--near and far, new and old--and how much they mean to me.  
I am so thankful for these people.  For all they've done for me and shown me, for all the smiles and sorrows we've shared, for all the love and laughter, the games and labors, for the life lessons learned together and the silliness exchanged between us.  
I've been realizing how our interactions with people shape us, set our course, in a really remarkable way.  How we grow and change together as we sail these seas of life.  Some chance encounter--or chance of birth--can lead to an unimaginably life-changing relationship.  
We're all in this thing together, affecting one another-- hopefully for the better. 
I have definitely been given a great gift in the the form of my parents, grandparents, stepparents, volunteer parents, sisters, in-laws, and more friends than I could number.  Thank heavens!  These people make my life rich beyond imagining.  I am so grateful.  
And so with that I'd like to wish everyone a very special Thanksgiving day full of love, joy, and fellowship!


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