Pretty, Pink Chive Vinegar

I've played around with chive vinegar infusions for a couple years now.  This year the word must have gotten out that I actually use those pretty purple blossoms for something because I ended up with a boatload--even though our chives at home were just pitiful.  At one point my community gardeners gave me a full grocery bag of chive blooms.  That, my friends, makes for a whole lot of chive infused vinegar.  Fortunately, its cheap and easy to make and is a wonderful culinary addition to sauces, dressings, and marinades.  I made gallons of the stuff this year.  Literally.  Gallons.  I guess we know what everyone will be getting a little sampler of for Christmas this year!  I won't be giving all od it away though because I especially like having it in the spring when our homegrown onions are all used up.  It adds a nice, tangy oniony flavor to our cooking.
This pink color is after just one day of infusing.
I am no longer at all exact when it comes to my chive infusions.  When I first started experimenting I counted and measured the chive blossoms and the vinegar.  These days I just pack some flowers in a jar and pour some vinegar over the top until the blossoms are submerged.  When more blossoms are ready in the garden I add them and some more vinegar and call it a day.  I am sure there is greater variability from jar to jar that way, but that is no bother to me.  It tastes good and that is all I am going for.  If you have chive plants in your garden I highly recommend you try this next time they bloom.


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