First Peppers

 I picked the first peppers of the season last night for dinner--Hungarian Wax Peppers, to be specific.  Yum.  Oh, how I adore peppers!   Just about all of them....well, probably not this one, but in general, spicy or sweet, I think peppers are fabulous in just about every thing.

Maybe I've told this story here before, but maybe not:  Last year Matt was concerned that he'd started too many pepper plants.  He was talking about not planting all of them because there would be so many.  I told him that I was 100% confident that I would eat any amount of peppers he could produce.  Not to worry.  They won't go bad as long as I am around.  Raw, stir-fried, roasted, grilled, sauteed, you name it.  I love it.
Last night it was a spicy garlic stir fry with homegrown onion, kale, and peppers.  I thought it was a beautiful rainbow of a dish--red, orange, yellow, green, tan.  If only we'd had some purple peppers, too!


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