Thai Basil at Last

We finally have fresh Thai basil!  Huzzah!  I am pretty gosh darn pleased.  We ultimately had to buy a seedling from one of the producers down at the farmer's market.  We just weren't making any progress starting from seed and I was dead set on having fresh Thai basil as my disposal.  We also found one lone Thai basil growing the massive patch of Sweet and Genovese basil at the community garden.  Oh, having that basil makes such a difference in the flavor of the Thai-inspired dishes.  It adds a wonderful taste explosion to stir-fried meals that I would never have thought of on my own.  Huzzah!


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    1. We pureed some up with a bit of oil to put in the freezer so we can enjoy it in the midst of winter, too. It makes such a taste explosion that I adore.


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