My Wiffle Ball Cat

I inadvertently found the perfect cat toy for Ginger while out on an evening bicycle ride with Matt a few weeks ago.  Its a wiffle ball.  I found it in the gutter.  I didn't pick it up with the intention of making it a cat toy, but the idea didn't take long to come to light.
See, Ginger loves chasing, stalking, batting, and, in general, playing with balls.  She has a few made just for cats, but she's also keen to improvise with a shooter marble, ping-pong ball, grape, or anything ball shaped, really.  She also like strings, but only if there is someone to play with (me, usually).  Balls she can fling around and chase like a madman all on her own.  She is a very playful kitty.

There is one problem though.  She is constantly getting them lost and/or stuck places--behind the sofa, under my sewing table, etc.  Frequently I cannot find one for her to play with and have to conduct a search.  That is where the brilliant new toy comes in.
The wiffle ball is light enough that Ginger can still send it flying across the room with a good whack of her paw, but large enough that it cannot get lost under neath the curio cabinet and the myriad of other nooks and crannies.  Plus, I was able to tie two short pieces of ribbon to the ball which make it even more fun for her.  She can grab it with her teeth as well as her paws.  Its a nice combination of her two favorite play things--a  ball and a string.  I'm glad that, like me, she is so easy to please with homemade entertainment.  That's my kitty!


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