Gardening and The Winter That Never Was

The garlic are up several inches.  The irises and parsley and bleeding hearts are, too.
I've been riding my bicycle every day--sometimes without a jacket.
Matt went ahead and planted some greens and onion seed outside.  Its ridiculous to plant before the spring equinox, but its also ridiculous that its 65 degrees F in February.  Its all cold-tolerant stuff and if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.  If it does, well, that would be great.  Fresh greens all the sooner.
Ginger is overjoyed at the winter-that-never-was, as Matt keeps referring to it.  She is spending every possible moment out back, rolling in the dirt, eating grass.  Today she caught and ate her first mouse of the season.  It was simultaneously hilarious, impressive, and disgusting, as usual.
The onions and peppers are an inch or so tall in the seedling nursery down in the basement.
We harvested a quarter-bushel of carrots today.  There is no comparison to that freshly dug taste.  Its extra carrot-y, somehow.  Huzzah for overwintering.  Even if there really isn't much of a winter to speak of.


  1. I guess I thought they could only over-winter in Britain, where it's milder. Well, if you can do it where you are, so can I in Connecticut!

    Now you've reminded me that I planted garlic! I'll have to go out and check it. :)

    1. Oh, man! I am so glad we tried overwintering some of the root veg. Its the best. Fresh taste and I can just "store" it outside rather than in the basement or fridge. Last longer that way, too. We're Zone 4 where we live. I hope your garlic is well! I am worried ours won't be happy with a March snow (which seem inevitable), but there isn't much we can do about it. Maybe we'll just end up with garlic super early this year!

  2. Zone 4! We are in Zone 6 - maybe I can plan something for next year.


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