Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Simple and Good Day

Matt and I celebrate Valentine's Day.  We like to celebrate as much as possible, as a general rule.  I know a lot of people who are down on V-Day since its so commercialized and lacks some of the historic rituals and traditions of more popular holidays like Christmas or Easter (though many of those traditions are actually quite new).

But really, isn't love--between friends, family, partners, and spouses--worth celebrating?  Remembering how much love is in my life is a good thing, I think.  No one is saying a person must buy boxes of chocolates or dozens of roses or fancy rings to show their love.  People can--and do--but its not required.

Matt and I don't really buy each other presents.  We don't go out for a hot date night.  We enjoy an extra special meal(s) and a special occasion dessert, too, while we're at it.  We spend the day enjoying each other's company, playing Scrabble, say, and going out for a stroll at the park to watch the birds.  We saw almost half a dozen Bald Eagles.  It was sunny when we set out and raining as we returned to the car.  We visited a local arcade and played racing games.  It was a simple and good day.  And that is just right for our love.
The makings for some fabulous Moscow Mules.  This was our "present" for the both of us.
Nifty fungus.
Canada Geese.
The Yellowstone River rolling by under that big, blue sky.
A Bald Eagle in flight over the river. 
Take out Thai food--spicy eggplant--with homemade almond cheese filled wantons. 
Derek's Israeli falafel--something we'd not had in ages!
A (vegan) cheesecake--and half of the "wall" Matt built to keep it hidden.
My Valentine for Matt.  "You are the pepperoni on my pizza of life."

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