A Fuller Skirt on "My" Dress

I tried altering a dress pattern for the first time. 
I love “my” dress, but was thinking that I  would enjoy it even more with a little fuller skirt.  I thought it would make the already-great dress even better for twirling, running, climbing, hopping on a bicycle, etc.
So, I did a little researching online (which was only minimally helpful, surprisingly) and then poured over my collection of sewing books (where I found one page on princess seam alterations).  From this research I gathered that the best way to add fullness to the skirt was to slightly increase each of the skirt's pieces.  So, I added taped some paper together and cut myself a small triangle.  I tacked this on to each of the skirt's tissue paper pattern pieces.  I wanted the waist to stay the same so I had the triangle taper to a point just below the waistline.
And it worked!  The skirt is fuller, but still fits and looks normal!  Huzzah.
I love it when my dabbling turns out so well on the first go.


  1. Haha! Yes. I was excited by how wide I could kick my legs apart! Clearly!

  2. Love the fabric that you chose!

    1. Thanks--though I can take no credit there. My mom is always picking things up for me at garage sales, etc. I really liked this one.


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