An Entire Year of Homegrown Garlic

We harvested the garlic this week--a week earlier than last year.  The heads are certainly less impressive than the 2015 batch, but Matt says its unreasonable and unrealistic to expect every year to be better than the last--and I have to agree.  There always have to be off years.  There are so many factors outside of our control, like hail storms, for example.  So, smaller than last year, sure, but we're still pleased with the harvest.  They're still drying/curing in the garage so we haven't trimmed the stems or weighed them yet.
Of special note to us is the fact that we didn't buy garlic all year--long enough to make it back around to harvest time again.  In fact, we still have a few heads in storage from the 2015 crop.  We're so pleased at every step we make toward greater self-reliance.
The biggest and best of this harvest we will set aside for planting in the fall.  And hopefully we can make it back around again, even with a smaller bounty.


  1. WOW! Your garlic is awesome!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Yay! They look great! I'm waiting just a bit longer to pull mine, but's been years since I bought garlic, and it just makes me so happy :D I actually had too much this past year, and some went bad in storage (I'm using those for garlic tea pest control, so no waste). And, oy, the hail. We got hit twice in June, and it took out all my newly planted herbs. Twice! My little boy was so worried about his "pickles" (cucumber plants), but luckily most have made a comeback.


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