PINK Applesauce and Botched Pie Filling

We were late in picking apples this year with the result that our usual go-to apple trees were already done for the year.  I'd noticed a handful of trees still laden with fruit while riding my bicycle across town though and so all was well.  The trees ended up being McIntosh (or some very similar variety) with brilliant red skin. I guess we should have seen it coming--there was the year of green skinned apples and rather green applesauce, after all--but we were still quite surprised when the applesauce turned out pink.  Like PINK pink.  We think it is rather pretty.  Tasty, too.
We reserved a bushel of the McIntoshes for pie/crisp filling, but that didn't play out quite as well as we might have hoped.  We had one quart jar break in the water bath and inadvertently overfilled the first half dozen jars resulting in their not processing properly.  Oops.  Fortunately for us, we live in the era of the freezer so we're going to pop the questionable jars in the freezer and see how that works out.  From what I've read online it should work fine, though the apples may be slightly overcooked since they were bath canned and will be reheated in pie or crisp form.  Still.  It's worth a shot.  Otherwise we're going to have to eat six pies this weekend.  ;)


  1. Awesome Pink Sauce!...I hope your pies turn out well...

    ~Have a lovely day!


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