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I cannot remember the last bottle of perfume or body spray that I bought.  It was just too long ago now.  Maybe back in college, I guess.  I've always tended towards either light-and-fruity or dank-and-musky scents.  No where in between.  :)

For years I've just been using dabs of essential oils for both perfume and deodorant.  A dab of tea tree in the pits and a drop of lavender on my neck is a fairly standard scent combo for me.  Sometimes eucalyptus in the pits and basil on the neck.  Sometimes patchouli smeared all over both.

Lavender is my overall favorite.

I don't know why it too me so long to realize I could dilute my oil with water in a little spray bottle and--bingo-bango!--I've got body spray.  One of my co-workers clued me in to this back on Earth Day--and boy!--am I pleased that she did!

My recipe, if one could call it that, is pretty loosey-goosey.  I put 15-30 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle with 3.5 ounces of water.  I play around with the number of drops as some scents and combinations are just more naturally potent than others.  An added bonus of making body spray is that my oils now last longer.

This homemade spray is also better for Matt, who has skin that is significantly more sensitive than mine.  Straight up, undiluted essential oil gives his skin a burning sensation and makes it red and irritated looking.  Naturally, he doesn't care for this much.  He doesn't have this problem with the dilute spray.

I am not brand loyal when it comes to my oils, picking them up whenever the mood strikes, the price is right, or my old bottle runs dry.  There certainly is a difference and you do get what you pay for, but I'm just not that sophisticated yet.  Maybe someday.  Reading online I see that lots of folks use distilled or RO water for their sprays, but I've just been using tap water and it works for me.  (I once when to a tea tasting session in which I was made to feel like a savage for using tap water in my tea pot, too!)

I give the bottle a little shake before I use it (most of the time, if I think of it) because the oils and water can separate out.  Science and all.

I still put a dab of straight tea tree in my armpits most days though.  In addition to its bold, clean aroma tea tree has antimicrobial properties which make it a keen option for an all natural deodorant.

I used to really worry about body odor, especially as I moved away from chemically-laden perfumes, body washes, and other such products.  Essential oils are the key for me.  Now I have one more trick up my sleeve.


  1. I may just have to follow your lead and get us away from bought deodorants as none really help with Scott's pit odor. I need to find a Natural store closer to the cottage. Or I guess order from online.

    1. I'm a smelly person--no matter if I shower daily or not--and was consistently worried about how I I don't. What a relief!! I hope you can find some natural solution for Scott, too.

  2. ...I do that too...I love it when people tell me I smell nice...I almost always include vanilla in's such a comforting homey scent...

    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. When I started wearing oils people would comment on my good smell when we hugged in greeting. This delighted me as I've always been worried about my smell given that I'm a naturally aromatic person and a rather active one, too!


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