Inspiration Thursday - Grandma Nina

My Grandma Nina is my inspiration for this week.  I've missed a couple.  Oooops.  At least last week I had a good excuse!  I was in Mexico with my mom and grandma.
My grandma is in her mid-80s and she still is up for an adventure. An international adventure even!  The Mexico trip was all her idea!  I love that.  It make my heart full of gladness.
She's still sharp as a tack, too, and loaded with great stories.  We had a swell week playing cards, laughing at jokes, talking about books, and even a little bit of singing together.   I especially enjoyed all her stories about previous trips she'd taken with my grandpa, both domestically and abroad.  She has seen so much of this glorious world!  What a gift!
Grandma may be taking life at a slightly slower pace than the days of my youth (where she--at least in my mind--could do anything), but I was never the less impressed by her stamina at present.  We walked for miles every day and spent hours and hours in the sunshine and fresh air!  When we were contemplating parasailing she was all for it.  At the grocery store Grandma was the one who suggested we try cactus with our stir-fry.  At then end of a busy day she was still game for a stroll down the boardwalk with me.  She even had a bum foot, but didn't let it stop her.
She is full of life and still so interested in new experiences.  I find that to be an inspiration, a goal to shoot for.  I hope that I am on a path to follow in her footsteps.  May the adventure never end!  For both of us!


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