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"The basis of simplicity is the mindset - the absolute commitment to living well on a small amount of money, being a genuine part of a family and community, having enough and knowing it, even when it's much less than your neighbours are happy with... 
...and creating a life for yourself that revolves around what you love and the interests you've discovered.  We live and let live, we recycle, mend, make, grow and create and we do that with generous and accepting hearts
Each of us does that in our own way according to our version of the life, our experience and values, our age. 
The trick is to do it, for it to become your way of life, and even when times are tough, or you have extra money in the bank, you keep to your frugal ways."
                               - From "Keep to Your Frugal Ways," by Rhonda Hetzel.
Writing postcards as the Lava Lamp choir looks on,
a Full moon framed by drying sunflowers, 
Two kinds of fresh baked bread and canned bruschetta,
a Christmas cactus in bloom on a snowy afternoon, and
Ginger lounging in the fall garden.
October-November 2020.


  1. Rhonda is such an inspiration. She's sort of retired from active blogging now, but she's always great to re-visit.


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