The Simple Cats' Daybook

I fully embrace my cat-worship, my crazy-cat-lady status.  They are magnificent creatures and I'm lucky to call Ginger and JD my furry, four-legged roommates.  With that, I think it is time for another segment of a Simple Cats' Daybook.

Outside my window...
Ginger: this pretty great view of the yard and the squirrels.  I can sit on my cat tree and gaze and sniff, gaze and sniff.
Johnny:  ...there is this little birdhouse and sometimes these birds come and land there.  They also land on the sunflowers nearby.  I like to watch.  I wish I could get out there.  I'd like to get a closer look at them.

I am thinking...
Ginger:  ...maybe the kibble does taste better from Johnny's dish.
Johnny: ...I'm sooooooooooooooooooo itchy.

I am thankful for...
Ginger:  ...grasshoppers to chase, the new garden path, and how easy it is to convince Beth it is "treat time."
Johnny:  ...Matt and Beth.

From the kitchen...
Ginger: ...I like it when the humans open the fridge and get out that "butter" stuff.  That is some good stuff.  Or anything bready like waffles or biscuits or rice.  Oh!  Buttery rice!!!  That is some good stuff, too, and I can usually convince Beth to share, even if Matt grumbles.
Johnny:  ...comes a lot of false alarms.  Ginger will be out there yelling her fool head off about treats so I get up...and then, when I get there, no treats are dispensed.  I guess we get "too many treats" or something.  Supposedly.

I am wearing...
Ginger: back-up collar.  I lost the other one this summer in the neighbor's yard.  They gave it back, but nobody ever swapped it out so I'm still rocking this one.  It has a little heart with my name on it.
Johnny: ...this stupid bandana.  I didn't used to mind it.  I swear, I didn't.  But then I got to run around totally naked for a couple years and I really got used to that level of freedom.  Now I just hate this stupid thing.  I keep trying to kick it off, but Matt and Beth always stop me.  They say it is for my own good, but I'm not buying it.

I am creating...
Ginger: ...a depression in the middle of the yard because I beach myself there all day in the autumn sun.
Johnny: ...a bunch of bald spots.  I've been licking and licking and licking so I've got a lot of them at this point.  On the bottom of my feet, my neck, my right forearm, my chest...

I am going...
Ginger: kick that neighbor cat's butt if I catch her in my yard again.
Johnny: steal Ginger's spot in the bed at night.  Let her take the footzone, I'm going up to the top.

On my mind...
Ginger: ...wet food.  How looooooooooooooooooong has it been since we've gotten the good stuff.  I am sure it has been foreeeeeever.
Johnny: ...laps.  I've never really been comfortable sitting on human laps.  Usually I am more of a hip-adjacent sorta gal.  Lately though I've been trying the lap thing out.  It seems to increase the amount of time they sit still in one place and pet me so I might be sold on it at last.

Around the house....
Ginger: ...we miss Beth!!!  For six solid months she hung out with us aaaalllllllllllll day and now she ditches us every morning again.  I hate it.  
Johnny:  ...Yeah!!  We liked it better when she worked from home.  And I don't get it.  I mean, we were oh-so-helpful with processing magazines and stuff. 

One of my favorite things...
Ginger: ...catnip.  
Johnny: ...naps in the green chair by the puzzle table.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
Ginger: ...stalking bugs, naps, chasing leaves, and staying outside as much as possible.
Johnny: ... lots of licking and napping, belly rubs (of course!) and working on the puzzle with Beth.

A small window into my life...
I have typically stuck to discreet places in the garden, tucked in the raspberry bushes, say or secreted under the garden sink.  I am a stealthy girl.  Recently though I have taken to high visibility posts instead as part of my turf war with the neighbor cat.  I want her to see me so these days I park myself in the dead-center of the yard instead.

I am plagued by manic periods of "overgrooming" where I lick and scratch myself until I'm bald and scabby all over.  I've seen loads of doctors about it, but the most successful management strategies we have found are interference measures like the bandana and nail caps.  I don't like them, exactly, but they help me get past the most manic days without causing myself bodily harm.  The humans are very adamant about it and I like to be a team player so...  sometimes I DO kick off the bandana though.  Like in this photo where I've got it around my middle instead of around my neck.  I tried to tell them I was working on my Miss Catmerica pageant routine, but...they just put it back on my neck again.  Oh well.  It was worth a shot.

This format comes from the Simple Woman blog though I doubt this feline version was what she'd intended.


  1. Great idea! I have a puppy, but cats are adorable as well

    1. Perhaps you need a Simple Pup's Daybook, eh??! It is pretty fun to write.


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