Love Must Go On

I attended my first Zoom wedding on Saturday, a digital celebration for my stepsister, Stephanie, and her new hubby, Tony.  The wedding was originally scheduled for early April, but was postponed until the fall in the hopes that we could all gather together again by then.  Since that hasn't proven to be the case Steph and Tony decided to scrap their plans and reboot completely.  

I have to say, the Zoom thing worked out pretty slick given the limitations under which they were were working.

Stephanie and Tony about to enjoy a bite of their wedding cake.

Matt, my nephew Eli, and I parked on the rims and found a big slab of sandstone to use as a bench.  The fall leaves decorating the city spread out below made for a lovely wedding venue on our end.  The Washington Monument  and greenery in the background made for a gorgeous wedding venue on the other end.  I was in a dress.  Matt wore a collared shirt.  We even brought a drink along so we could share in the toast!  

Our warm weather has been holding and I think the leaf change has been even more spectacular as a result.

Obviously, I wish we all could have been there with them in person, but at least friends and family were not only able to be there in spirit but as fairly active participants even!  The folks catching up with each other before the start of the ceremony were so delighted and full of love.  It was pretty darn great.  There were 60 lines on the call, I think, and many featured multiples and family groups.  Steph and Tony were surrounded by family and friends as they said their vows even if we were scattered from coast to coast at the time.  

Matt waving at my mom and Grandma.  

There were moving and funny toasts and speeches, a bottle of champagne and cake, a fantastic first dance, and it was obvious there was a whole lotta love and laughter there.  Tony and Steph looked so beautiful and happy together.

It certainly wasn't the wedding or honeymoon they'd envisioned, but love must go on regardless.  It was grand and heartwarming to hear their affirmations of devotion, including those of surviving and thriving together in a tiny apartment during a pandemic lockdown.  

The newlyweds popping a bottle of champagne!

I could never have predicted the phrase 'Zoom Wedding' would be part of my vocab, but unusual times call for innovative solutions.  I think they did really, really good and I'm tremendously pleased that we were able to share in this celebration with them.  Making the most of it or making lemonade when life hands you lemons has to be one of the most valuable life skills.

Cheers, love, and best wishes to Steph and Tony!!


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