My Darlin' Companion

I spent the weekend in the country with some of my girlfriends.  I passed several hours one quiet, cold night laid out in my sleeping bag under a rich dome of stars.  I had a live recording of Johnny Cash and friends from a 1971 European tour playing softly on the grass beside me.  Owls hooted.  Shooting stars went traveling.  It was just me and the night and it was so lovely.

The recording contained a version of the song Darlin' Companion sung in duet between Johnny Cash and his wife, June Carter.  I'd never heard of this song before and man(!), did it just fill me up.  It got me thinking about Matt and our life together and my heart was just full to bursting with love.  I can't really begin understanding how I got so blessed to have found my darlin' companion.  Matt is such a well balanced partner for me.  We dovetail so nicely.
I wished he was there star-gazing with me.  I fell in love with him all over again.  Fairly apt since it was a bachelorette party, I suppose.  The next morning I was the first to rise.  Darlin' Companion immediately started playing in a loop through my mind.  The moment my eyes opened I had a vision of a piece of art I wanted to make for Matt and immediately set to it.

Matt had never heard the song before either.  I put it on the stereo--both Johnny's version and the Lovin' Spoonful's--and we danced around the livingroom.  He took my little artwork to work to accompany a photo of me on his desk.
Sigh.  So blessed.  I'd tell the mountains and the canyons.


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