April Into May

April is always National Poetry Month.  To honor that designation this year, on a whim, I entered a piece I'd written for NaPoWriMo 2017 in a contest through our public library.  I won second place in the adult category. 
First place got to read their poem at a Poetry Night at the library, which would have been extra cool, but...I'm surprised and tickled to have come in second.  I love writing.  That probably goes without saying.
May once again snuck up on me somehow.  Since I am so obsessed with celebrating my own birthday  (and May is my birthday month) I can't believe this happened.  Again. 
As such, I didn't get a Me Made May pledge in on time though I might still join in late.  If not, that would be two years in a row that I let time get away from me.  I added a note to the end of the planner to better prompt me for next year.  It is right alongside the note that reads "make Pysanky eggs with Sharon for Easter."
I've actually been wearing a lot of store-bought clothes lately, too, which is interesting to realize.  Comfy, stretchy knit things mostly.  This just hearkens back to my assessment in 2015 that I need to sew more of these type of garments, something I've failed yet to accomplish.  My dad bought me an overlocker/serger last year though so no time like the present, I guess. 
All our April showers certainly have helped bring out the May flowers--tulips, daffodils, grape hyacinths, bluebells, johhny-jump-ups all are showing their pretty faces.  There are six teeny-tiny charcoal grey bunnies that have made me start each day with a laugh this week.  As I pedal past on my way to work they all shoot for the cover of a culvert, clamoring over each other to get inside.  They're so little and lovely, barely bigger than a potato.  
All photos from adventures in the greater Yellowstone National Park area.
Speaking of vegetables and spring, we ate our first harvest of spinach today.  I think we're going to enjoy that season-extending greenhouse a great deal.


  1. Congratulations on your poetry win! I'm very curious what you're doing with the blue cards (?) poolside. . .

    1. I am playing a Pyramid-style solitaire game. They're plastic water-proof cards for camping...and the pool. :)

      And thanks!

  2. Oh, I hope those sweet bunnies flourish, safe from predators! Congratulations on your second place win!


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