The Way They Walk - NaPoWriMo

The Way They Walk
Matt and I bird as we fly down Highway 191
Barbed wire and power lines racing alongside the Toyota
We spot our familiar friends at a distance, at speed--65, 70 miles per hour.
"Red-tailed Hawk!"
     (Perched atop a fence post,
       ripping, tearing, scarfing dinner.)
     (Breast swollen, head tossed back, beak wide
       Singing silently through the window glass.)
We zip along the rolling roadway ribbon cutting through the hills, the fields,
Over bridges, all secured under the endless dome of The Big Sky.
"Shovelers!  ...Mallard!  ...Coots!"
     (Paddling, dabbling, diving)
"Turkey Vultures!  Five of them!"
     (Circling, circling, circling.)
We know them like family,
Like recognizing someone by the way they walk.
Note:  This is an installment of my endeavor to write a Poem-A-Day in honor of April being National Poetry Month.  If you want to take part in the annual celebration of all thing poetry consider signing up to receive a poem each day in your email courtesy of the Academy of American Poets.  There are also loads of Poem-a-Day challenges on the local and international level to inspire creativity and hone the art of poetry writing.


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