Be Done - NaPoWritMo

Be Done
Matt said I should cheat
And simply write a haiku
'Cause then I'd be done
(For the record, Matt is opposed to this particular haiku.  Matt does not consider writing a haiku "cheating."  That was my term for it.  He did helpfully suggest that "you should just bust out a couple haiku" when I observed that yesterday was the first day that I really didn't want to stop and write a poem.  I was super busy and didn't want to make the time.  We had a real good laugh about it and wrote this poem together.  Matt isn't a poetry fan, in general, but does enjoy haiku.  He writes them while we hike sometimes.  They are short and zen-like, featuring elements from nature so somehow he overlooks the fact they don't rhyme.  Usually Matt dislikes any poem that does doesn't rhyme.  Unless it was written by Robert Hunter and set to Grateful Dead music.  Ha!)
Note:  This is an installment of my endeavor to write a Poem-A-Day in honor of April being National Poetry Month.  If you want to take part in the annual celebration of all thing poetry consider signing up to receive a poem each day in your email courtesy of the Academy of American Poets.  Or take participate in Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day on April 27th.  There are also loads of Poem-a-Day challenges on the local and international level to inspire creativity and hone the art of poetry writing.


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