Subject to Change - NaPoWriMo

Subject To Change
My sister was the one
--once upon a time--
Who told me about snipe hunting.
She said the snipe was a hoax.
A trick to send people off into the woods
Seeking what doesn't exist.
What cannot be found.
Like when we would ask newbies
To go get "ice mix" for the ice maker
At McDonald's.
And never tell them we just filled it with water.

Decades go by.

The birds called me out into the woods.
They got me lost
in the pages of guidebooks
Wherein I found
--to my puzzlement--
that the snipe is indeed a real thing.
A type of wading bird.
Fat bodied, long of beak
Speckled and
Totally hunt-able
          (If one is into that sort of brutal thing)
But hard to find.
Not impossible.
Not imaginary.
Just cleverly hidden in plain sight.

So much of what I know
Is subject to change at any moment.
I think this is a good thing,
But every now and then I am not sure.
This is an installment of my endeavor to write a Poem-A-Day in honor of April being National Poetry Month.  If you want to take part in the annual celebration of all thing poetry consider signing up to receive a poem each day in your email courtesy of the Academy of American Poets.  Or take participate in Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day on April 27th.  There are also loads of Poem-a-Day challenges on the local and international level to inspire creativity and hone the art of poetry writing.


  1. I love poetry...this will be a fun month...

    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. It has been loads of fun for me so far. Glad to hear you like poetry...cause that is all you're getting from me this month!


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