Like a Phone On Silent

Back when I had a cellphone I had this tendency to put it on silent (for the library, for class, for an appointment) and then forget about it. Hours or days later I'd think, "Man, no one has called me in forever," only to discover I had a multitude of missed calls and voicemail.

This story reminds me of that.
The blogger dashboard/interface upgraded towards the end of the last year.  Some of the changes were beneficial, but as usual there were so-called upgrades that were more set-backs for me than anything else.  I don't care for the way my Reading List is now tucked away on the sidebar, instead of front-and-center when I log on.
And, apparently, I no longer get any sort of notification when there are comments awaiting moderation.

Yesterday I stumbled upon 37 unpublished comments from my dear reader-friends.  Some were dated November 2016!
I had to laugh.  (And shake my head.)  I guess the decline in comments had crossed my mind a couple times in these past months.  However, I write for myself so I didn't let it stop me that no one was commenting.  I link all my posts to my Facebook wall and still was getting plenty of feedback from my friends and family that way.  Maybe those comments were part of why I'd failed to notice that it really wasn't so much a decline in blog comments.  It was an outright cessation.
So, yeah.  I don't adapt to change all that well sometimes, especially technological change.  But, now I know to actively watch for your kind, sweet, thought-provoking, and inspirational comments, my friends.
Photos from a bicycle ride around the neighborhood on 10/30/2016...because it seemed appropriate.
Thank you for each and every one, too.  My heart absolutely swelled reading through those 37 long-overlooked comments yesterday.


  1. ...what a sweet reminds me of the Christmas card from a dear friend that we found wedged in the back of our was so much fun reading it then...and gave me a good reason to give her a call...

    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. That would have made my day, too. Better late than never, right?!

  2. Good grief! :D I don't like the changes, either, but I have always gotten my comments in my email, and that didn't change. I wonder what's up with yours.

    1. There used to be a number indicator next to the Comments section in the dashboard which prompted me to check when their were new message. However, I have not set up email notification. So, hooray! Lisa to the rescue! I didn't know that was an option, I guess.

  3. Ah that made me smile. I have you on my reader list and agree, I don't like that it is tucked away now, before you could see who had posted immediately. I do get my comments though.

    MMMm i wonder if I was one of those that commented and your missed. I read, but don't always comment. Do like your story, but have to confess I am not one for mobiles, mine is off most times. Love the autumnal colours in the photographs above.


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