Three Tastes - NaPoWritMo

Three Tastes
Effervescent sweetness
Spirited pinkness
Doing the bubble-shuffle
Across the wobbly tiled floor
Of tastebuds

Chewy umami succulence
Flaming, evocotive blissfulness
Doing the zip-zap two-step
Down the smoothly undulating
Esophageal hallway.

White, whipped fluffiness
Silken, saccharine luxuriance
Melt, melt, melting into a waltz
Across the gates
Of lips.
This is an installment of my endeavor to write a Poem-A-Day in honor of April being National Poetry Month.  If you want to take part in the annual celebration of all thing poetry consider signing up to receive a poem each day in your email courtesy of the Academy of American Poets.  Or take participate in Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day on April 27th.  There are also loads of Poem-a-Day challenges on the local and international level to inspire creativity and hone the art of poetry writing.


  1. This one so far is my absolute favourite!

    1. Thanks! It was a cool way to think about my food for the day. A lot going on there if I stop to be mindful of it!


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