The Joy and Affirmation of Another Birthday

I sorta wish that every day was my birthday.

(Not really.  I know it wouldn't be as special if it was an everyday thing.)
Still.  Every year I wish it was my birthday just a little bit longer than that magical 24 hour window.

(Ask Matt.  He'll tell you I am the master at birthday extension.)
I love how gall dang nice everyone is when it is your birthday.  There was so much love flung at me from every direction yesterday.  Beaming through cellphone towers.  Bounced into my inbox.  Enveloping my body in hugs and smiles.
"Happy birthday, Beth! I know it will be a wonder and a delight, because that's your default position, but I hope it's an extra helping!"
"Happy birthday to my favorite little sister! You may be my only little sister, but even if I had two, you'd probably still be my favorite!! I love you!"
 "Happy birthday Beth, i sure adore you!"
"Happy birthday to one of the neatest women I know! You light up a room."
"Happy birthday to my dear laughing partner-book worm-self sufficient-red headed-nature loving-easy smiling-critter cuddling- hot water dolphin HIPPIE BETH. My life is so much better with you in it!! Love ya."
"Wishing you a wonderful sunny day filled with laughter, love, and great mug of beer."
"I hope your day is as fabulous as you are!"
"Happy Birthday dear friend!! Hope your day is amazing! you deserve the best! Here's to many more fun adventures together. Love you!!  p.s. your birthday letter is going to be late :( i forgot to get stamps."
"happy birthday, I hope that your next trip around the sun is twice as lovely, and requires no pants!"
"Happppy Birthday beautiful! Best wish to you today and always!"
I re-read through the messages on my Facebook wall this morning.  My heart (and likely my ego) swelled.  It makes me want to capture this level of love, support, encouragement, affirmation, appreciation for every other day of the year.  It struck me that it is just like how Earth Day shouldn't be just one day--it should be part of every day.  I want to make certain that I'm loving on people every single day.  To let them know how awesome I think they are.  How they make my life--my world--a better place to be just by virtue of their existence.  To let them know how deeply I know them and support and care for them.  There is no reason to keep that to myself until their birthday.  That is something I can do more of right now.  Every single day.
So thanks, friends, for that revelation.  And double thanks for all the love yesterday--and always.  It really means the world to me.
All photos from our recent birthday kick-off at Diamond Butte Lookout in SE Montana.


  1. Such beautiful affirmations and I love your response about also affirming and building up others that you know and love. Happy Belated Birthday Beth ❤️

    1. YOU are beautiful and affirming, Sandra Ann!! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and all the thoughtful comments you've made over the years--has it really been years?! Is that right?! ;)


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