Cutting into Cans

If you forget to bring a can opener and are forced to hack into the can with a knife I recently learned a little trick from Matt.  Cut a "T" shape.  By cutting a T we were then able to peel back the edges (carefully, since they are quite sharp) with the pliers on our mulit-tool gaining almost instantly have access to the contents.  It was sure faster and easier than cutting a circle or a square into the lid.  Two cuts was all it took.  Matt knows all sorts of useful stuff like this....
It certainly is a handy little trick to remember.  It is also worth remembering that while most soup cans are pull tops these days most cans of beans are not.  And to pack accordingly.


  1. ...definitely been there and done that...haha

    ...and we love the was a favorite destination when we lived in ND...and we'd all love to go back...

    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. I don't know how I grew up so close to TRNP and have no recollection of ever going there before! I can see why you'd love to go back--we're planning to ourselves! :)


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