Boot Laces and Love

He tied my shoe.

My new boots have slippery new shoelaces.  My right boot lace kept coming un-tied as we explored Petrified Forest National Park.  I tried double wrapping it.  I tried double knotting it.  And still.  So, I kept re-tying it every 15-20 minutes.

After like the tenth time it happened Matt stopped and tied my shoe for me.  Double wrapped and double knotted.  Tight and precise.  And it stayed.

Life and love are made of the little things, these tiny acts of care and kindness.

Today I welcome the Solstice--summer, glorious summer--and bask in the great blessing of fourteen years out on the trail with Matt, the last five as husband and wife.  We've got a cosmically good thing going, dancing around the sun together.
Wedding photo credit to Jenny Lynn Photography.


  1. That is sweet!...and I love the photo...
    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. He had no idea I was documenting his cuteness. :) That made it even better!

  2. I always double knot everything, but I guess your laces are really slippery! Still, Matt knew the secret... :)

    1. I don't typically double knot anything, but--upon further thought--I don't really wear shoes that tie except at the gym or out in the woods. Hmm...that's interesting. I am working on getting my new boots all dusty and grimy through use! Rough up those laces! That should help.


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