No Elvis for Ginger

I cranked up some tunes during my morning routine today and learned something interesting.  Ginger strongly dislikes the song Devil in Disguise by Elvis Presley. 
Every time Elvis hit the peppier bit, lunching into the line "You're the devil in disguise, oh yes you are..." Ginger's ears would lay back flat and angry against her skull and she'd hunker down a bit.  I actually started the song over just to test it.

Her body language screamed:  "Gah!  Beth!  What IS this?!?!" 

I told her Matt's not much of an Elvis fan either and switched over to the Rolling Stones.
Morning light painting the clouds. 
Photo credit to Matt (because I don't usually get up early enough to take part in this glory).


  1. Kitties can be so sensitive about Elvis...
    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. I learned it on the guitar over the weekend, but haven't given Ginger a concert yet. ;) We'll see what she thinks of my version.


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