It's Pizza Friday!

We have pizza every Friday for our evening meal.  
It is "our thing."
Even when we're traveling or going out to a concert we carry on this weekly culinary ritual, with very few exceptions.  
We look forward to it.  It is a harbinger of the weekend ahead.  A celebration of another week concluded.  I credit Matt with kicking off this household tradition, based on a similar dinner pattern from his childhood.
I love spontaneity, but I am truly a creature of habit, too.  Just as with the larger seasonal patterns, I enjoy the daily patterns of life, too.
Summer finds us grilling crusts and re-heating leftovers over the campfire.  
It is just as lovely to warm the oven and fill the whole house with pizza perfume on a snowy Winter Friday though, too.
Every week is different and that keeps it interesting as well as tasty. 
  Stuffed crust,
      white sauce,
           "meat" lovers,
                asparagus and potato,
                          sauce on top,
                            thin crust
        Thai peanut,
     pesto topped,
and on and on to blissful pizza infinity.
Huzzah for pizza-based tradition!


  1. Your pizzas look I want pizza for dinner...
    ~Have a lovely day!


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